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Nonprofit Jobs

Nonprofit jobs include every position within the nonprofit organizational structure. To be considered a nonprofit organization, a business must focus on serving the public good, use its proceeds to further its mission and be granted tax-exempt status by the IRS. Because nonprofits don't seek profit from their endeavors doesn't mean you have to volunteer your time. They have many excellent opportunities for the job seeker.

Types of Nonprofit Jobs

Many jobs available in nonprofit organizations are the same as in organizations that operate for profit. For example, all businesses need directors, management, IT support, accountants and administrative assistants, and the educational standards required for each position are basically the same as in the for-profit sector. Nonprofits must also have a reliable janitorial and maintenance staff to keep the building in proper operating order. There are some jobs, however, that are very different in the nonprofit sector.

Community Outreach Coordinator

This position is the connecting factor between the organization and the public. The community outreach coordinator works to promote the organization's mission by organizing events, recruiting volunteers, or designing other programs that attract community interest and involvement.

Development Director

The director of development oversees leading the organization's fundraising efforts. Responsibilities include planning, securing financial support and heading special donor events and projects to make sure the nonprofit meets its annual financial obligations.

Grant Writer

Grants are needed to secure funding for nonprofit organizations, so the grant writer's job is a very important one. Grant writers are in charge of completing the necessary applications for funding from the government, foundations or trusts.

Program Manager

This is the person who implements projects that relate to the organization's mission. Developing projects, keeping them running smoothly and making sure goals are met are among the responsibilities of a nonprofit program manager.

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers are a vital part of a successful nonprofit. The volunteer coordinator's job is to recruit, hire and find a place for the volunteers. They are also in charge of any training that is required.

Whatever your personal charitable preferences are, there is a nonprofit organization that supports your cause. Careers in nonprofits have many benefits, including the feeling that youre doing something to make the world a better place for someone else.

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